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Boost VALORANT to any ranks on EU, NA, OCE :).
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157 reviews
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Champion Statistics
ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG DamageWinrate
Raze18 22,33 11,56 4,56 2,33 4 202,89 / game 88,89%
Jett18 24,44 13,39 4,22 2,14 4 421,39 / game 77,78%
Sova12 19,83 10,58 7,67 2,6 3 820,25 / game 91,67%
Reyna11 26,09 12,27 4,73 2,51 4 687,73 / game 100,0%
Breach3 13,33 8,67 6,33 2,27 2 553,0 / game 100,0%
Ranked Statistics
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Genuine customer feedbacks about jenyagod
23. jan. 2023
Gold III to Platinum I
Fast and
Fast and nice service.
23. jan. 2023
5 Placement matches Unrated
Nice and
Nice and efficient
21. jan. 2023
Platinum III to Diamond I
Excellent service,
Excellent service, very fast!
14. jan. 2023
Bronze II to Platinum I
Super quick
Super quick and very responsive! we swapped on and off and it's just a really high quality of service.
13. jan. 2023
3 Placement matches Immortal
friendly and fast
friendly and fast
12. jan. 2023
Ascendant I to Ascendant II
Amazing Booster!
Amazing Booster! Communicative and Friendly
10. jan. 2023
Silver II to Platinum I
amazing!! he
amazing!! he got me from silver 2 to plat 1 in 1 day! HES AMAZING
7. jan. 2023
1 wins in Ascendant III
++service as always
++service as always
7. jan. 2023
Diamond III to Ascendant I
Very fast
Very fast and friendly!
27. des. 2022
Ascendant II to Ascendant III
Very fast
Very fast nice service
27. des. 2022
1 wins in Ascendant III
super professional
super professional and kind person
26. des. 2022
Diamond II to Ascendant I
Very professional
Very professional and kind. Quick service as well.
15. des. 2022
Diamond I to Diamond III
Super support
Super support and really correct. Would recommend him to anyone
13. des. 2022
Gold III to Diamond II
It does
It does its job really fast. He's really really nice and cool. I would recommend anyone to buschen him
7. des. 2022
Platinum II to Diamond I
Very nice
Very nice and kind guy and fast boosting
24. nov. 2022
2 wins in Gold I
24. nov. 2022
Ascendant II to Ascendant III
Good as
Good as usual! Quick and nice
22. nov. 2022
Ascendant I to Immortal
Great Booster.
Great Booster. Friendly, gets the job done fast and just good all around. Can only recommend!
17. nov. 2022
Immortal to Immortal
Super fast
Super fast service, super player, it's definitely worth taking him back for further services
17. nov. 2022
5 Placement matches Unrated
Was very
Was very kind and fast, would recommend Jenya to anybody!!!
11. nov. 2022
Gold I to Platinum I
Very professional.
Very professional. Went the extra mile by completing the order in a timely manner. G1 - P2. Placed order to get to P1 after massive lose streak from G3 to G1. I will choose this booster again if this happens again. I truly appreciate your help! Thank you so much ♥
31. okt. 2022
2 Placement matches Unrated
nice booster
nice booster
30. okt. 2022
Diamond III to Ascendant I
Super fast
Super fast
21. okt. 2022
Gold III to Diamond I
No one
No one out there better than this booster for sure!