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Hey sup im Hansu , im from Colombia and im so happy with help you with every order you need, i love playing Zed and getting kills over and over .
Coach me
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Diana33 12,55 5,0 7,21 3,95 109,24 / game 78,79%
Yone27 11,67 4,19 6,48 4,34 177,52 / game 85,19%
Belveth21 14,14 3,52 5,71 5,64 60,86 / game 100,0%
Viego18 12,0 5,89 7,33 3,28 82,67 / game 55,56%
Kaisa15 14,8 4,47 7,6 5,01 212,93 / game 93,33%
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Coaching duration
20 € / h
2 Hour(s)
Total amount
40 €
4 000
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Genuine customer feedbacks about Hansu
27. sep. 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
Good to go
Good to go
20. sep. 2022
Gold IV to Gold II
amazing job,
amazing job, 100% wr
18. sep. 2022
8 Normal games
Great booster!
Great booster! Super fast and efficient :)
16. sep. 2022
3 Placement matches Unranked
the best
the best
16. sep. 2022
4 wins in Gold IV
did order
did order super quick and won all games
11. sep. 2022
Tier 5 to Tier 7
Fast boost
Fast boost
10. sep. 2022
12 Normal games
Nice booster
Nice booster and great player:)
2. sep. 2022
Gold III to Platinum III
Hansu is
Hansu is a very amazing booster. He is so timely, coordinated, and all around a nice person. He was always so easy to work with to schedule time to play. He was always on time and never had any issues when I had to reschedule. Great booster.
27. aug. 2022
2 wins in Silver IV
great at kayn
great at kayn
24. aug. 2022
Gold IV to Gold I
Hansu was
Hansu was absolutely amazing and professional, he dealt with a difficult and inconsistent schedule, had near perfect winrate despite a lot of really rough games he carried in the end, and even gave extra tips and teaching! This is the booster you want if you want the best service, I recommend him with no doubts, he gives it his all to bring you the results!
21. aug. 2022
5 Normal games
19. aug. 2022
Gold IV to Gold III
Hansu is
Hansu is a great booster. Very respectful, coordinated, and nice. Will be using him moving forward.
11. aug. 2022
Bronze I to Silver IV
8. aug. 2022
2 hours coaching with Hansu
Hansu is
Hansu is good at the game, but could use considerable work in time management. Several appointments missed or pushed forward due to issues. He was unable to make one of our appointments because he accepted another order after mine. Unfortunately I paid money for this service, it wasn't charity. I had scheduled coaching, but ultimately cancelled because of this reason.
7. aug. 2022
Bronze II to Silver IV
Hansu does
Hansu does a great job.
2. aug. 2022
1 wins in Gold III
Hansu is
Hansu is an excellent booster and more importantly, very professional and tilt-free. I was not the best duo partner, but he always played matches without being toxic and also was very understanding of my skill level. Will definitely play more matches with him soon.
30. juni 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
My "booster"
My "booster" who i would call friend now was Hansu we spent a lot of time together. We played 21 games with only losing 7. not only did he help direct me in game for a play that might be beneficial for us he also did a VoD review of one of our games together to show what i could work on to do better in the following games. He was an amazing person to converse and play games with. Really awesome dude!!!
9. juni 2022
4 Normal games
The absolute
The absolute best on site! super friendly and very good at game, easy to talk to as well
8. juni 2022
5 Normal games
Awesome Person!
Awesome Person! Lots of Communication and excellent gameplay
30. mai 2022
Iron II to Bronze III
Best fucking
Best fucking booster ever if you dont like him you suck not him YOU FUCKING SUCK
24. mai 2022
1 Normal games
Very fast
Very fast and effective
22. mai 2022
3 games with 1 booster(s) Tier II
Great skills
Great skills and communication Hansu is a God at League
21. mai 2022
4 Normal games
Very fast
Very fast and excellent
29. apr. 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
very good
very good and fast